Christmas Dinner

It’s been like this for past 7 years, it’s a tradition, on December 23rd, when all hearts are already beating faster, anticipating the arrival of Christmas, the Casino da Madeira’s Bahia Restaurant presents the dinner show that anticipates the trip to the “Christmas Market”.

The highlight of the night is at 21.15h with the show “Vania Fernandes presents Requested Music”.  We will revisit some classics of international music, where part of the repertoire will be chosen by the public.
Upon entry, customers will receive a list of 10 songs and will have the opportunity to choose the 5 themes they would like included in the lineup. The top five will be included in the repertoire.

Vânia Fernandes will be the interpreter of this adventure, along with the musicians Pedro Tem Tem, Jo Martins, Armando Santos, Alexandre Andrade, Elio Jardim, Georgy Titov and Ricardo Dias, and the musical direction is the latter. The ballet body is formed by Filipa Gomes, Claudio Canada, Ricardo Mendes and the choreographies signed by Juliana Andrade. The night is one of celebration and celebration. Tonight’s dinner & show package costs € 20 per person.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Make your reservation by email:
291 140 424

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